Natal Chart Reading

  • Natal Reading Box
  • A natal chart consultation provides you with clarity and insight about your gifts, challenges and life patterns. Learn about your personal “North Star” and how you can help yourself stay “true north” when life feels chaotic.
  • $1500060 Minutes

Tarot Reading

  • TarotReader
  • The symbols of the cards tell your story, as you follow your own “Hero or Heroine’s Journey”. Another way to receive guidance, tarot lets you see a life situation in living color. Great for focusing in on one area, and is also a powerful complement to an astrology reading.
  • $850045 Minutes

Flower Essence Consultation

  • Flower Essence Box
  • Work with your chart on a vibrational level, addressing key energy blocks and areas in need of support. Flower essences work on the subtle energy body and can result in profound shifts in perception and understanding. Using my intuition and knowledge of the essences, I will recommend one or more essences or blends designed to work with your natal chart and/or your current transits. Flower Essence Consult includes 20 minute overview of the current patterns in your chart.

  • $5000

Astro–Archaeology Consultation

  • Astro-Archaeology
  • Use your past to understand your present with astro-archaeology. Together we will delve into the events and issues that shaped previous important planetary cycles, using a timeline worksheet to explore key themes. After completing the astro-archaeology worksheet, we will meet in person (or by Skype/Facetime), to trace the patterns that shaped the last cycle and map out possible emerging themes from this current cycle. This consultation is helpful when going through a major transit, or on  a regular basis as a coaching session to gain greater self-awareness, insight and understanding.
  • $15000

About Fern

Having spent the last twenty-two years happily sharing the mystery and magic of the stars with others, I am a grateful guide to the alchemy of astrology as I have watched it transform the lives of clients and students. I believe that by listening to the wisdom of nature, the “wise stars”, we can align ourselves with our purpose and come to a greater understanding of our place in the universe.

I’ve benefited from the astrological wisdom of Steven Forrest (through his astrological apprenticeship program) and also the mentorship of Asata Gabriel, who has taught me over the years with great Aries verve about astrology, intuition and flower essences. My writing has appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, The Llewellyn Books Annuals, Well Being Magazine and Organic Spa Magazine (under the name Heather Vuchinich) and I have an M.A. from Sonoma State University. I’m a member of the San Francisco Astrological Association and also a founding partner in Galaxy Girls Events.

Based out of Fairfax, California, I do in-person and long-distance readings.”

- Fern

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June Gemini New Moon and Venus Retrograde Webinar MP.3



In June I did a webinar talk about June’s Gemini New Moon, Venus retrograde and Venus’ relationship to Quetzalcoatl and the return of the feminine. Click “New Moon Fern”( in blue above right) to hear the MP.3 of the talk.

Client Testimonials

My experience with Fern, as both a client and a student of Astrology, has been life-changing. Fern has an ability to explain what’s happening with a transit that helps me to move in my life in a new way and make better decisions. She helps me see what forces are at play and how to best channel the energy of that force for the best outcome in my life. I love when she says, “A good use of that energy would be…” She also helps me deal with others in my life by showing me what’s up in the relationship and how to best move through it. It also helps me understand the other person in a way that allows me to interact with them better. Working with Fern has improved many relationships in my life. I appreciate Fern and highly recommend her.
Kimberly, Mom and Organizational Consultant
I was always a curios skeptic about astrology until I met Fern- I’d read the little blurbs in magazines and try to stretch them to fit my life. After seeing her and hearing a spot-on description of my personality and strengths through her reading of my natal chart, I’ve been converted. Fern has helped me understand characteristics and opportunities in my own life and helped me understand the strengths and overlaps in my relationship with my (now) husband through a relationship reading for the two of us. Later, she helped us choose an auspicious wedding date and supported me to get mentally prepared for my wedding and the powerful transition it involved by talking to me about what was coming up in my own chart as well as looking at planetary “weather” for the big day. I would definitely recommend working with Fern!
Hannah, Graduate Student
Whenever I feel like my life is going through some strange transition, I get a reading from Fern. It is so worth it. Since she is a teacher of astrology as well, she is really able to make it clear to me what is going on with my chart….what transits are occurring, what is coming up, etc. She’s comfortable with any area eg. relationships, finances,etc. Best of all, she sends me an MP3 of the reading. I’ll listen to the reading again several months later, and “bingo”. Now things are really clear because I’m already starting to live through what she was talking about. And… I feel calmer about it because she’s already explained to me what is happening and how it’s influencing my growth.
Charlene, Music Teacher
Fern is a wonderful astrologist and teacher. I have learned so much from her by receiving readings and taking classes. I most appreciate that Fern supports me in learning astrology intuitively, and not just following rigid formula made for everyone. She has a flexible, optimistic, yet practical style that always makes me feel supported, never judged. I have come to deeply trust and rely on her insights in my process of self-discovery and personal development.
Alea, Astrologer and Herbalist